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Date : 08/11/2018 à 19h30
Lieu : Local de Just Beer


-Tailwind, 5.6%                                                                      

Pale ale au corps malté léger/modéré avec une touche houblonnée florale et fruitée.

LHG est une microbrasserie basée à Bristol et fondée en 2015. « We brew modern beers, inspired by the legends of the Avon Gorge and the pioneers of the craft beer world. » Les gorges de l'Avon sont des gorges essentiellement taillées dans le calcaire d'une arête située à 2,5 km à l'ouest du centre de Bristol, à cheval avec le Somerset, dans le Sud-Ouest de l'Angleterre, au Royaume-Uni. L'embouchure du fleuve Avon est située 5 km au nord-ouest.

“The legend of Goram and Vincent of Bristol belongs to the genus of myths which explain the origin of local geographical features by supernatural activity, and trade on existing place-names to do so. Such myths are often also the basis for other new names. Of course, it is unlikely that this story was ever intended to be taken seriously by sober adults. It comes in more than one version. The most widespread version of the legend relates that two local giants, Goram and Vincent – who, according to one version, were brothers – fancied the same woman, the beautiful Avona (whose name is that of the major local river, the River Avon, in Latin dress). She was open-minded about her suitors, and offered herself to whichever of them could drain the lake which supposedly once occupied the space between Bradford-on-Avon (Wiltshire) and Bristol. They chose different routes through the limestone hills for their drainage channels. Goram opted for a route through Henbury, and Vincent chose one on the south side of Clifton.Unfortunately for Goram, he overheated while hard at work, drank a giant quantity of ale, and fell asleep in his favourite (stone) chair, whilst Vincent paced himself better and completed his channel. (One version depicts Goram as lazy and Vincent as keen and industrious.) The geographical point is to explain the narrow gorge of the Hazel Brook (a tributary of the river Trym) in Henbury and the dramatic Avon Gorge through which the Avon now flows. The onomastic point is to account for the name of the Avon Gorge, but this is a bit feeble since the river has had this name from time immemorial.” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goram_and_Vincent)

HAWKSHEAD, Cumbria, UK :

-Key Lime Tau (33cl), 6.3%                                                

Brassée pour la première fois en collaboration avec Crooked stave (Denver, Colorado, USA) pour le « 2015 International Rainbow  Project » (Cf.:http://www.lefthandedgiant.com/rainbow-project/). Un kettle sour avec lactose sur une base de Golden ale, brassée avec zestes  de citron vert et citronelle pour un rendu biscuité tranchant avec la force du lime... juste comme une tarte au citron vert.  Le nom de “Key Lime Tau “ parce que collab entre 2 brasseries, parce que brassée des 2 côtés  de l’Atlantique et mathématiquement Tau c’est 2 x Pi (3.142) ou τ = 2π, ce qui donne la puissance alcoolique- 6.28%... simple!

-Brodie’s Prime (50cl), 4.9%                                                          

Une robe sombre, brune, rubis, acajou. Un porter riche, complexe  aux flaveurs de chocolat noir, de douce mélasse, à l’amertume grillée qui se mêle à une surprenante base aromatique, mélange équilibré entre houblons UK et US. Bière ayant remportée de nombreux prix : CAMRA Cumbria Beer of the Year 2014 Cask Gold Porters CAMRA Champion Porter of the North West Region Cask 2010 - 2012

HAWKSHEAD: “Based in the heart of the English Lake District, brewers of bold, innovative beers since 2002, our beer range is eclectic and includes thirst quenching session beers, big hopped pale ales, deep dark stouts and sours. With a range of core beers, available in Cask, Keg, Bottle and Can. At Hawkshead Brewery we make the sort of beer we like to drink - distinctive, full of flavour, handmade, and perfectly crafted. We are small enough to know most of our customers, not to care about the mass market, be able to brew lots of different beers, experiment and innovate. We are big enough to employ a team of five brewers, make around 140 barrels (23,000 litres) of beer a week, deliver direct throughout The North, and our Tap at our Staveley site is open every day.

Hawkshead Brewery began in 2002, in a barn just outside the village of Hawkshead in the English Lake District. Brewing on a 7 barrel second hand kit. Creating highly hopped (for the time) cask beers, in an unsaturated craft beer scene. In 2006 relocated to the Mill Yard, beside the River Kent at Staveley, brewing on a new 20 barrel brewhouse and built a brewery tap - The Beer Hall. Currently now brewing at full capacity, producing 6,700 barrels (1.1 million litres) per year.

 65% of what we produce is “real ale” which is cask conditioned beer, a peculiarly British speciality. It is Britain's craft. We think this is the best way to appreciate low gravity sesion ale. And we know that the best way to serve our cask conditioned beer is in the northern manner, through a tight sparkler to create a creamy head. We also produce a wide range of keg beers. Some beers are better with a little artificial carbonation and keg beer can go places cask beer cannot. The battle to save cask beer from the crazed marketeers of the sixties, who nearly killed it, has been won. Today’s beer lovers, rightly, are more concerned with the quality of the beer than the method of dispense. So what is proper beer? You know it when you drink it.

Hawkshead Brewery has been variously described as: micro-brewery, local brewery, beer factory, small independent, small regional, new wave brewery, craft brewery, artisan brewery. We are certainly hands on and labour intensive. We have very little automation. The brewers do keep fit - lifting and shifting and digging out. Every day we handle, taste and smell our raw materials - malt and hops. We hunt for hops all over the world. We have visited hop farmers in the UK, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, USA and New Zealand. We are always learning and improving. We brew what we would like to drink. We never design a beer by cost. So what is a craft brewery? You know it when you see it. »

CLOUDWATER, Manchester, UK :

-System Failure, 9.0%                                                                         

DIPA brassée pour le IndyMan Special 2018 en collaboration avec Bagby à San Diego. Cet imperial West Coast IPA est résolument tourné vers les houblons US, utilisant une levure relativement neutre. Houblons: Simcoe, Amarillo, Chinook, Centennial, Mosaic, Cascade, Columbus/ Houblon amérisant: Pilgrim CO2 Alpha Extract ; Malts: Halcyon, Extra Pale Maris Otter, Wheat, Dextrose, Heritage Crystal ; Levure: WLP001

Cloudwater, LA Microbrasserie anglaise du moment. Connue et reconnue pour ses double IPA (DIPA V13, élue en 2016 meilleure Double IPA d’Europe et parmi les 10 meilleures DIPA au monde), cette brasserie située à Manchester  depuis 2015 crée presque exclusivement des bières éphémères. “We want to showcase the ebb and flow by using seasonal ingredients at their very best, and taking inspiration from the change of lifestyle each season creates.” James Campbell (Head Brewer, Cloudwater)

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